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Illegal gold mining in Xieng Khuang ends

Vientiane Times, 26 Sept 2014

Unlicensed gold mining in Xieng Khuang province has come to a halt after the authorities set up measures to control this illegal activity. The controllers have done a good job in stopping the illicit gold digging in the area, Deputy Governor Mr Khamphien Sinounthong told local media in Vientiane during a meeting between the government cabinet, Vientiane mayor and provincial governors, which ran from Monday to Wednesday. Six years ago there were many groups of illegal miners working the streams, rivers, forests and mountain areas, digging up the ground and extracting the occasional nugget. It did great damage to the environment when these people poured in because the illegal work they were doing created heavily polluted water resources in the area and destroyed forests.

Cross border timber smuggling reported in Xieng Khuang

Vientiane Times, 20 August 2014

Vietnamese nationals have been felling trees illegally in Lao territory, with clandestine logging reportedly taking place in Xieng Khuang province which shares a border with Vietnam’s Nghe An province. Lao government officials reported that the Vietnamese have used slings to transfer the logs they cut in remote Lao forest areas back to Vietnam, said Deputy Director General of the Department of Forest Inspection under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Mr Thongphanh Ratanalangsy.

Government takes action on illegal mining

Vientiane Times, 28 July 2014

The government is planning to take action in addressing the illegal mineral extractions reportedly found in Paek district of northern Xieng Khuang province. A resident from the district voiced his concerns through the National Assembly (NA) session hotline in regards to the environmental danger the extraction has caused.

The resident said villagers did not dare to use the water along the river, adding that chemical substances were being used in mineral extractions upstream. Following an inspection, the Minister of Energy and Mines Mr Soulivong Daravong told a press conference held on Friday at the closing of the session that the extractions were illegal.

Govt takes action to preserve prime agricultural land

Vientiane Times, 23 July 2014

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is committed to putting stronger measures in place to conserve agricultural lands, notably those located nears dams, weirs and along irrigation channels. Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Mr Vilayvanh Phomkhe was responding to a question raised by National Assembly (NA) members at the ongoing NA session recently.

NA members found that many hectares of agricultural land have been converted into other classifications, in particular those located nearby irrigation systems. The NA members were concerned that the conversion issue could affect agricultural production and food security in Laos.

Farmers can get higher prices by forming groups: study

Vientiane Times, Sept 24, 2012.

Farmers should form groups if they want to gain more power to negotiate the sale price of their products, a case study has revealed. A study on vegetable markets in Khoun district, Xieng Khuang province, undertaken by the National Agriculture and Forestry Institute found that vegetable growers in Nhoun village were able to sell their crops for higher prices after forming groups.

Government grants 4,700 hectares for rubber plantations

Another rubber concession has been approved despite concerns over the environmental impacts caused by industrial tree plantations. Photo from Sekong province; clearing land for a rubber concession.

Vientiane Times, January 3, 2012

The government has allocated another sizeable area of land for a Vietnamese firm to grow rubber trees despite concerns over the environmental impacts caused by industrial tree plantations. Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dr Akhom Tounalom on Friday signed a 40-year land concession for the Lao-Viet joint venture to grow rubber trees on 131 plots of land totaling 4,739 hectares. Senior officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment were present at the agreement signing in Vientiane.

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