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Khammuan residents accuse project of unfair compensation

Vientiane Times, 6 August 2014

A resident of Khammuan province in central Laos has accused Phoukhiew Specific Economic Zone Project of providing unfair compensation to villagers who lost houses and land to make way for the project. However a senior government official has confirmed that the compensation was given in accordance with accepted principles.

The resident raised the issue through the hotline of the National Assembly (NA)’s ordinary session that ended recently, calling for the NA to inspect the issue. The resident stated that the private investment project has provided only residential lands but lands for cultivation activities were not provided as part of the compensation package.

Village authorities illegally turn state land into capital

Vientiane Times, 5 August 2014

Investigations are underway after allegations were made against Sivilay village authorities accusing them of illegally turning state land into capital. Deputy Director General of the Land Management Department under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Mr Anothai Chanthalasy, said officials would investigate the matter immediately.

If the allegations prove to be true, the authorities from the village in Xaythany district of Vientiane will be charged according to the law. Mr Anothai made the decision in response to an inquiry raised by a resident of the district via the National Assembly’s (NA) ordinary session hotline.

LFNC outlines public complaints

Vientiane Times, 29 July 2014

Members of the public urge the National Assembly (NA) to enhance its role in regard to issues such as illegal mining, illegal logging, development discrepancies and the implementation of development plans by local administrations. Vice President of the Lao Front for National Construction (LFNC) Mr Tong Yerthor outlined the public’s concerns when commenting on the NA’s works at the conclusion of the seventh ordinary session last Friday.

NA: Govt needs to work harder on forest management, conservation

Vientiane Times, 16 July 2014

Members of the National Assembly (NA) have asked the government to work harder to manage, protect and conserve Lao forests in an effort to increase forest coverage to 65 percent by 2015 and 70 percent by 2020 as planned. The members made the comments this week during the ongoing ordinary session of the NA following a presentation by the government on its initiative to manage, protect and conserve forests, which were categorised into three types. These three categories are protected forest, conservation forest and production forest in order to ease its management effort.

NA debates amendments to Law on Handling Petitions

Vientiane Times, 15 July 2014

Law makers have debated amendments to the Law on Handling Petitions in a move to try and improve measures of redress to which members of the public can resort if they are adversely affected by administrative decisions. The Law on Handling Petitions was promulgated eight years ago to give guidance in handling petitions and complaints about decisions made by various authorities.

The law gives members of the public legal rights to submit petitions to relevant bodies for re-consideration or investigation of cases or decisions if they feel they were not ruled on correctly or they did not receive justice from the previous judgment.

NA to discuss laws, socio-economic plan, regional issues report

Vientiane Times, 17 June 2014

Pany , the President of the National Assembly, visiting the LIWG booth during the NA Intersession.

Pany , the President of the National Assembly, visiting the LIWG booth during the NA Intersession.

The National Assembly (NA) is holding a four day pre-session running 16 to 19 June to discuss fundamental issues ahead of the Seventh Ordinary Session of the National Assembly’s Seventh Legislature set to take place early next month. The primary issues raised during the four day meeting at the International Cooperation and Training Centre (ICTC) in Vientiane will confer and exchange ideas among NA members and other experts to ensure there is meaningful discussion and mutual understanding during the Seventh Ordinary Session of the National Assembly’s Seventh Legislature.

Laos striving for rule of law state

Vientiane Times, 6 Feb 2014

Laos has set an ambitious goal to build a rule of law state to facilitate national development and ensure social justice and more transparency with all people having equal access to legal services. Deputy Minister of Justice Mr Ket Kiettisak told Vientiane Times on Wednesday that “to become a rule of law state, we need to have a full set of laws covering all sectors with a majority of people respecting them.”

NA to focus on proposed laws at upcoming session

Vientiane Times, 25 Nov 2013

The Sixth Ordinary Session of the National Assembly (NA) which is expected to take place next month will see the debate and approval of new draft laws and amended laws designed to further national development.

The approval of the new laws will contribute to helping the country accomplish its goal of building a state governed by the rule-of-laws in the near future and better integrate with the rest of the region and the world.

Government halts private involvement in office project

Vientiane Times, 17 Sep 2013

The government will no longer approve any private sector involvement in the construction of public offices as part of measures to tighten expenditure and prevent a looming budget crisis.

In past years the government has been reliant on the private sector to fund public construction projects either in exchange for state-owned land or to be paid back by the government at a later date.

Unregulated mining poses environmental threat

Vientiane Times, 16 Sept 2013

Unregulated small-scale mining and mineral extraction along rivers is posing a dangerous environmental threat, a senior official has said.

The Ministry of Energy and Mines official, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Vientiane Times it is common practice in several provinces for local people to extract minerals, mostly gold, from rivers using cyanide, which is considered to be unsafe.

“Cyanide is reportedly sold illegally. People don’t know the proper and safe way to use cyanide in the extraction process, and are harming the environment,” he said.

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