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Govt may lift ban on mining, land concessions ahead of schedule

Vientiane Times, 10 June 2014

The government may revoke a suspension and resume the approval of new investment proposals in mining or land concessions for rubber and eucalyptus plantations as part of efforts to boost growth over the next two years, although in a more limited capacity than before the ban.

The government has realised it may not be able to maintain a blanket ban on all approvals and will instead proceed more cautiously by carrying out proper strategic forecasts, an official from the Ministry of Planning and Investment has said.

Govt needs to examine land compensation, experts say

Vientiane Times, July 17, 2012

Land compensation for villagers affected by some development projects in Laos has been found to be inappropriate and contrary to the law, according to the observation of land experts on Monday. A senior land expert Dr Palikone Thalongsengchanh told Vientiane Times yesterday that land disputes have arisen as officials did not follow the process of providing appropriate land compensation for villagers whose land is resumed. “Our law stipulates that land compensation for affected villagers who have to give up their land for development projects needs to be sufficient to improve their livelihoods,” he said. “But we have observed that many villagers get poorer after losing their land for development projects, due to inappropriate land compensation.”

LIWG welcomes the mining moratorium on new projects introduced in Laos

Australia Network News, July 5, 2012

PHOTO: A Lao woman uproots rice seedlings in a paddy field. (Reuters)

The Lao government has announced a moratorium for 4 years on new mining investments and the granting of concessions for rubber plantations due to environmental and social concerns. It will allow land surveys and assessments to be made. Chairman of the NGO network, the Land Issues Working Group, Nishan Disanayake has told Radio Australia’s Connect Asia program it supports the government’s decision, but says it should also include projects that have been approved, but haven’t started. “The government’s state land concession inventory study showed that for one province 50 per cent of the projects improved had not yet been implemented, he said. “If that is an indication, I would strongly suggest that the government considers bring a halt to further clearing of land during this period inorder to prevent villages losing their land and forest.”

Laos halts new investment, land concessions

Myanmar Times, July 2 – 8, 2012

HANOI – Laos will not allow any new investments in mining or grant further land concessions for rubber plantations until 2015 at the earliest due to concerns about land encroachment, state media said on June 26. The government will examine existing investment policies and assess ongoing projects, the Vientiane Times said, adding that authorities would also review the environmental and social impact of major development projects. “We approved large plots of land without looking into the details, like what land belonged to the state and which belonged to local people,” the paper quoted Minister of Planning and Investment Somdy Duangdy as saying.

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