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Govt needs time to put brakes on land concessions

Vientiane Times, June 1, 2012

The government plans to suspend land concessions but it will take some time to put this into effect, a senior official from the Ministry of Planning and Investment has said. “We have sent the draft of a prime ministerial decree on suspending land concessions to the cabinet for consideration and approval. We won’t be able to stop granting land concessions until the prime minister signs the decree,” Dr Kikeo Chanthabouly told Vientiane Times on Wednesday.

Laos does not need new mining projects: World Bank economist

Vientiane Times, May 28, 2012

The Lao economy will not experience a sharp decline over the next few years, despite the government’s decision not to encourage new mining proposals, a senior World Bank economist has said. Ms Genevieve Boyreau made the comment on Wednesday amid concerns that the Lao economy will see a major downturn over the next few years once  the government imposes its new policy. The mining sector has made a major contribution to economic growth over the past five years and the government’s decision to call a halt to new mining investments has caused public concern.

ບໍລິສັດຫວຽດນາມຈະເຮັດສວນຢາງພາລາ 1000 ເຮັກຕາຢູ່ພາກເໜືອຂອງລາວ

ຫວຽດນາມ, 25 ພຶດສະພາ 2012

Dien Bien Rubber JSC, ໄດ້ເຊັນບົດບັນທຶກຄວາມເຂົ້າໃຈກັບລັດຖະບານລາວເພື່ອສຶກສາຄວາມເປັນໄປໄດ້ໃນການໂຄງການເຮັດສວນຢາງພາລາໃນເມືອງຮຸນ ແລະ ເມືອງແບ່ງ, ແຂວງອຸດົມໄຊ ພາກເໜືອ ຂອງລາວ. ບົດບັນທຶກຄວາມເຂົ້າໃຈຖືກຕົກລົງກັນທີ່ ນະຄອນຫຼວງວຽງຈັນ ທີ 25 ເດືອນພຶດສະພາ ໂດຍ ຜູ້ອຳນວຍການບລິສັດ ທ່ານ Nguyen Hong Thang ແລະ ຝ່າຍລາວຮອງນາຍຍົກລັດຖະມົນຕີກະຊວງ ແຜນການ ແລະ ການລົງທຶນ ບຸນທະວີ ສີສຸພັນທອງ. ເຊິ່ງຈະກວມເອົາເນື້ອທີ່ 1000 ເຮັກຕາ, ເປັນການເຮັດສວນຢາງ ທຳອິດຂອງຫວຽດນາມຢູ່ເຂດພາກເໜືອຂອງລາວ, ທ່ານ Thang ກ່າວ. ໂຄງການນີ້ ຄາດວ່າ ຈະມີສ່ວນໃນການປ່ຽນ ແປງວິຖີການເຮັດກະສິກຳ, ສ້າງວຽກເຮັດງານທຳທີ່ໝັ້ນຄົງໃຫ້ກັບຄົນລາວທ້ອງຖິ່ນ ແລະ ເປັນການສົ່ງເສີມການຮ່ວມມືລະຫວ່າງລາວ ແລະ ຫວຽດນາມ ກໍຄື ດຽນບຽນຟູ ແລະ ສະເພາະ ແມ່ນແຂວງອຸດົມໄຊ, ທ່ານກ່າວ. ໃນນາມລັດຖະບານລາວ, ທ່ານບຸນທະວີ ສີສຸພັນທອງກ່າວຊົມເຊີຍ ບໍລິສັດຫວຽດນາມ ເຊິ່ງເປັນທຸລະກິດຫວຽດນາມທຳອິດທີ່ປູກຢາງພາລາໃນພາກເໜືອຂອງລາວ, ເຖິງແມ່ນ ວ່າມັນມີຄວາມຫຍຸ້ງຍາກ, ໂດຍສະ ເພາະເລື່ອງໂຄງຮ່າງພື້ນຖານ. ທ່ານກ່າວວ່າ ລັດຖະບານລາວ ຈະເພີ່ມເງື່ອນໄຂ ສະດວກສຳລັບບໍລິສັດເພື່ອຮັບປະກັນຄວາມຄືບໜ້າຂອງໂຄງການ, ເພີ່ມທະວີສາຍສຳພັນອັນຮັດ ແໜ້ນ  ແລະ ຄວາມສຳພັນພິເສດລະສອງປະເທດອ້າຍນ້ອງ.

Government to consider suspending large mining, land concessions

Vientiane Times, May 8, 2012

The government may suspend new large mining projects and land concessions this year amid rising concerns about the social and environmental impacts of various private investment projects. Mr Somdy Duangdy presides over a meeting to review private investment over the past two decades. The Ministry of Planning and Investment announced yesterday it would propose that the cabinet suspend the granting of new concessions for large mining projects and industrial tree plantations until it comes up with concrete measures to address the negative impacts associated with such investment projects.

Corporate social responsibility vital for equitable development

Vientiane Times, March 13, 2012

As Laos looks to foreign direct investment in extractive industries such as mining and hydropower to achieve its 8 percent annual economic growth target, the issue of a socially responsible private sector is becoming increasingly important. This was the message delivered at the International Law Forum “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Laos” which took place in Vientiane yesterday to discuss the role of businesses and CRS in the development of Laos.

Sustainable land use and ecosystem services come under scrutiny

Vientiane Time, February 17, 2012

The capacity for commercial agriculture plantations to alleviate poverty in rural areas of Laos must increasingly be weighed against the potential impacts on ecosystem services, sustainability of land resources and traditional livelihoods.

The National Economic Research Institute (NERI) yesterday presented the results from a study on the economic valuation of ecosystem services for sustainable land use at a national policy workshop in Vientiane. The case study compared both the financial returns and the environmental costs of different land uses such as non-timber forest products collection, upland rice farming and maize and rubber plantations in Oudomxay province.

Potassium mine in Thakhek gets the green light

Vientiane Times, February 13, 2012

The Lao government has given permission for the Vietnam Chemical Group (Vinachem) to excavate and process potassium in Khammuan province. Dr Bounthavy Sisouphanthong signs the agreement with Mr Nguyen Dinh Khang, witnessed by Lao President Choummaly Sayasone and Vietnam President Truong Tan Sang and other high-ranking officials from Laos and Vietnam.

According to a Vietnam News report, the Vinachem group will invest US $450 million in the project in Nongbong village, Thakhek district, to extract and process potassium, which is also known as kali salt. The Vietnamese company plans to excavate potassium in a 10 square kilometre area, with a concession period of 20 years which can be extended for another five years.

Laos backs Vietnam’s bid for top investor ranking

Vientiane Times, February 13, 2012

Vietnam’s investment in Laos is on track to keep the country atop the list of foreign countries doing business in Laos, which Laos fully supports. Laos will continue to support Vietnam’s bid to maintain this ranking over the next 3 to 5 years, it was revealed at a meeting held in Champassak province on Friday.

Inactive developers to lose Lao land concessions

Vientiane Time, January 23, 2012

The government will confiscate land from investors if they fail to develop the land in accordance with the agreed concession timeframe. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment made the statement at the 5th Lao-Japan Public Private Joint Dialogue held in Vientiane last month, in response to Japanese investors who asked the government to explain land concession procedures.

Vietnamese company to survey for copper in Xekong

Vientiane Times, January 12, 2012

The government has given permission for the Hoang Anh Gia Lai Joint Stock Company (HAG) of Vietnam to conduct an exploration survey forcopper deposits on 92 square kilometres of land in Lamam district of Xekong province. A Memorandum of Understanding for the survey was signed in Vientiane on Saturday by Lao government officials and HAG representatives, witnessed by leaders from both countries.

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