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Energy, mining output value declines

Vientiane Times, March 16, 2015

A summary report released by the Ministry of Energy and Mines on Friday indicates that the output value of Laos’ energy and mines sector dropped in the first quarter of this fiscal year (2014-15). The ministry’s summary noted that production value in 2014-15 was only 4.22 trillion kip (about US$527.71 million), down 16 percent compared to the same period in the last fiscal year. The report noted that the energy sector generated more than 3.07 billion kWh, about 11 percent down on the same period last fiscal year.“The energy sector has gone down 11 percent while mining has dropped 17 percent,” the ministry reported.

Attapeu folk continue to unearth alabaster despite ban

Vientiane Times, 23 Oct 2014

The high sale price of alabaster has brought local people flocking to Phoukanghong Mountain in Attapeu province, where they have been digging up blocks of the mineral to sell, despite a government ban on its removal. Locals told Vientiane Times yesterday that villagers were continuing to remove the rocks illegally and with great enthusiasm, as if celebrating a festival.

Illegal gold mining in Xieng Khuang ends

Vientiane Times, 26 Sept 2014

Unlicensed gold mining in Xieng Khuang province has come to a halt after the authorities set up measures to control this illegal activity. The controllers have done a good job in stopping the illicit gold digging in the area, Deputy Governor Mr Khamphien Sinounthong told local media in Vientiane during a meeting between the government cabinet, Vientiane mayor and provincial governors, which ran from Monday to Wednesday. Six years ago there were many groups of illegal miners working the streams, rivers, forests and mountain areas, digging up the ground and extracting the occasional nugget. It did great damage to the environment when these people poured in because the illegal work they were doing created heavily polluted water resources in the area and destroyed forests.

Government takes action on illegal mining

Vientiane Times, 28 July 2014

The government is planning to take action in addressing the illegal mineral extractions reportedly found in Paek district of northern Xieng Khuang province. A resident from the district voiced his concerns through the National Assembly (NA) session hotline in regards to the environmental danger the extraction has caused.

The resident said villagers did not dare to use the water along the river, adding that chemical substances were being used in mineral extractions upstream. Following an inspection, the Minister of Energy and Mines Mr Soulivong Daravong told a press conference held on Friday at the closing of the session that the extractions were illegal.

Govt tackles illegal gold mining in provinces

Vientiane Times, 10 April 2014

The government is now working hard to crack down on illegal gold mining in numerous provinces by cooperating with relevant ministries and local authorities after being alerted by local people.

The complaints made through the input hotline of the 6th Ordinary Session of the National Assembly (NA) in December last year asked the government to address the issue because people were worried about negative environmental and health impacts.

Mining project checks almost complete

Vientiane Times, 21 Sept 2013

The government is close to completing checks of mining projects that were approved prior to June last year and are now engaged in feasibility studies or excavations.

The Ministry of Energy and Mines is working with the ministries of Planning and Investment and Natural Resources and Environment to monitor these projects. Their checks of 67 projects are now 95 percent complete, Minister Soulivong Daravong reported during a media interview this week. The minister was speaking on the sidelines of the annual government meeting with provincial governors taking place in Vientiane from September 16-20. Mr Soulivong said 29 of these 67 projects are building factories but have not begun excavations yet. “After carrying out our inspections, we estimate that 22.8 percent of these mining projects are of a high grade, 45.6 percent are medium and 26.3 percent are low grade,” he added.

Deputy Prime Minister stresses natural resource development

Vientiane Times, August 9, 2012

Deputy Prime Minister Asang Laoly urged leaders of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to focus on priorities in the development of their areas of responsibility in Laos. Regarding land management, the ministry should improve the policies on land use and land title in line with the law and increase mechanisms and measures for land management in order to reduce problems, he stressed at the meeting on Tuesday in Vientiane.

PM stresses importance of natural resource management

Vientiane Times, July 23, 2012

Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong has urged the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to carry out its role, aimed at protecting national interests and solving citizen’s problems. Mr Thongsing addressed the issues when meeting with the ministry’s leaders and civil servants on Thursday to offer his guidance and advice.

Ministry prepares Lao biodiesel brand for Asean market

Vientiane Times, June 4, 2012

The Ministry of Energy and Mines’ Institute of Renewable Energy Promotion expects to have a Lao brand name biodiesel available soon and envisages exporting to the Asean market by 2025. “We feel sure that this is possible because we are making biodiesel from the fruits of both jatropha and oil palm,” the institute’s Director General, Mr Hatsady Sysoulath, said when addressing a seminar on renewable energy development last week.  “We will have our own standard biodiesel made of jatropha and this standard must be acknowledged in Asean,” Mr Hatsady said. “This will ensure we won’t face any problems when we start supplying the Asean market. This means we have to act in line with Asean regulations.”

BioJet, Lao Asia Pacific Agriculture sign aviation biofuels pact for Laos, April 26, 2012

In Laos, BioJet today announced formation of a strategic business and project relationship with Lao Asia Pacific Agriculture Promotion Import-Export Sole Company Limited (LAP). The Project involves biofuel production for land and air transport as well as bioenergy coproducts. It is planned to include 100,000 hectares of feedstock production as well as refining/conversion facilities appropriate to the scale of feedstock supply.

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