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Job Opening: Lao Land Resource Centre (LLRC) Manager

Job Vacancy 

Organization: Village Focus International (VFI)

Project: Lao Land Resource Center Project

Start work date: As soon as possible

Job title: Lao Land Resource Centre (LLRC) Manager

Lao Land Resource Centre (LLRC) Manager 

The Lao Land Resource Centre (LLRC) Manager will assume responsibility for all day-to-day management of Lao Land Resource Centre. The LLRC will:

ຝຶກອົບຮົມການວາງແຜນທີ່ເອົາໃຈໃສ່ບົດບາດຍິງ-ຊາຍ ໃນການຄຸ້ມຄອງຊັບພະຍາກອນປ່າໄມ້ ທີ່ ແຂວງເຊກອງ

ສະມາຄົມເຄືອຄ່າຍ ເພື່ອການພັດທະນາສັງຄົມ ໂດຍໄດ້ຮັບການສະໜັບສະໜູນຈາກອົງການແຄຣນາໆ ຊາດປະຈຳ ສປປ ລາວ ຈັດຊຸດຝຶກອົບຮົມກ່ຽວກັບການວາງແຜນທີ່ເອົາໃຈໃສ່ບົດບາດຍິງ-ຊາຍ ໃນການຄຸ້ມຄອງ ຊັບພະຍາກອນປ່າໄມ້ ໃນລະຫວ່າງວັນທີ 23-25/03/2016 ທີ່ ພະແນກກະສິກໍາ ແລະ ປ່າໄມ້ ແຂວງເຊກອງ, ພາຍໃຕ້ການເປັນປະທານ ແລະ ກ່າວເປີດພິທີຂອງ ທ່ານ ເສີມສີ ສຸລິຕະ ຮອງຫົວໜ້າພະແນກກະສິກຳ ແລະ ປ່າໄມ້, ຜູ້ຊີ້ນຳວຽກງານເພື່ອຄວາມກ້າວໜ້າຂອງແມ່ຍິງ, ວຽກແມ່ ແລະ ເດັກ ພະແນກກະສິກຳ ແລະ ປ່າໄມ້ ແຂວງເຊກອງ. ມີຕາງໜ້າຈາກພາກສ່ວນກ່ຽວຂ້ອງຂອງແຂວງເປົ້າໝາຍ (ແຂວງຄຳມ່ວນ ແລະ ແຂວງເຊກອງ) ໄດ້ແກ່: ພະແນກກະສິກຳ ແລະ ປ່າໄມ້ ແຂວງ ຄຳມ່ວນ, ຫ້ອງການກະສິກຳ ແລະ ປ່າໄມ້ເມືອງ ມະຫາໄຊ, ພະແນກຊັບພະຍາກອນທຳມະຊາດ ແລະ ສິ່ງແວດລ້ອມ ແຂວງຄຳມ່ວນ, ຫ້ອງການຊັບພະຍາກອນທໍາມະຊາດ ແລະ ສິ່ງແວດລ້ອມເມືອງມະຫາໄຊ, ສະຫະພັນແມ່ຍິງແຂວງຄຳມ່ວນ, ສະຫະພັນແມ່ຍິງເມືອງມະຫາໄຊ, ພະແນກ ກະສິກຳ ແລະ ປ່າໄມ້ແຂວງເຊກອງ, ຫ້ອງການກະສິກຳ ແລະ ປ່າໄມ້ເມືອງກະລຶມ, ພະແນກຊັບພະຍາກອນທຳມະ ຊາດ ແລະ ສິ່ງແວດລ້ອມແຂວງເຊກອງ, ຫ້ອງການຊັບພະຍາກອນ ທຳມະຊາດ ແລະ ສິ່ງແວດລ້ອມເມືອງກະລຶມ, ສະຫະພັນແມ່ຍິງແຂວງເຊກອງ, ສະຫະພັນແມ່ຍິງເມືອງກະລຶມ, ສະມາຄົມເຄືອຂ່າຍ ເພື່ອການພັດທະນາສັງຄົມ, ສະມາຄົມຊຸມຊົນສີຂຽວ, ອົງການບ້ານຈຸດສຸມສາກົນ, ກຸ່ມແລກປ່ຽນຂໍ້ມູນເລື່ອງທີ່ດິນ (LIWG) ແລະ ອົງການແຄຣນາໆຊາດປະຈຳແຂວງເຊກອງ ເຂົ້າຮ່ວມ ທັງໝົດ 21 ຄົນ, ຍິງ 13 ຄົນ, ຊາຍ 8 ຄົນ.

Students debate forest conservation

Vientiane Times, April 2, 2015

Students of the National University of Laos’ Faculty of Law and Political Science (FLP) took part in a workshop and debate on forest conservation and livelihood development yesterday. The event was organised by the FLP Debate Group and supported by the Committee for Cooperation with Laos (CCL), CARE, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the Land Issues Working Group (LIWG), and the European Union (EU).

New issue brief on land, nutrition and food security

LIWG, 15 July 2014

The Land Issues Working Group has published a new issue brief on the linkages between secure land tenu

Kids at playre, and improved food security and nutrition. The document highlights that secure tenure over land is a critical but often overlooked factor in a

chieving household food security and improved nutritional status. Land is necessary for growing food, and there is significant evidence that land tenure insecurity is an important underlying cause of food insecurity. Including land rights in programs and policies designed to address food security and nutrition can deepen the impact of those interventions, and lead to improved development outcomes. You can download the full document here (in English and in Lao)

Consultancy announcement: LIWG programme evaluation – Call for applicants

The Land Issues Working Group is a network of civil society organizations concerned about land issues in Laos. The LIWG supports open information sharing, and participatory and transparent decision-making processes related to land and natural resource use management. The LIWG operates under the umbrella of the iNGO Network (network of international NGOs in Laos) and nearly 40 different organizations are represented in its Core Membership.

We are now looking for two consultants based in Laos (one Lao national, one international) to perform a programme evaluation.

LIWG Statement on Forest Tenure Rights

LIWG, Nov 30,2012

On Sunday December 2nd 2012 the Forest Day 6 will take place in Doha, Qatar. The LIWG wants to use this opportunity to release a tatement on Forest Tenure Rights. Securing community forest tenure rights supports sustainable forest management and reduces greenhouse gas emissions from forest loss. However, tenure rights are currently extremely weak in Laos, particularly in rural areas, and there is an urgent need to improve them. Reassessing forest tenure rights is essential for international mechanisms such as REDD+ and FLEGT to be successful, as well as achieving the nationally stated goal of increasing national forest cover to 55% by 2015 and 70 by 2020.

Round Table Implementation Meeting 2012

Vientiane Times, Nov 27, 2012

PM briefed on annual round table

Heads of foreign embassies and international organisations called on Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong yesterday at the Government Office to brief him on the the annual round table meeting. United Nations Resident Coordinator and United Nations Development Programme Resident Representative Mr Minh Pham led the foreign delegation’s visit. The annual round table (RTM 2012) was held on Friday, and reviewed implementation of the second year of the Seventh National Socio-Economic Developemnt Plan and discussed future priorities and resources to achieve national development objectives.

LIWG photo exhibition open until 7 November at the French Institute

Harvesting peppers in Luang Namtha Province, Northern Laos.

Harvesting peppers in Phongsaly Province, Northern Laos. Photo by Andrew Bartlett (2012).

In conjunction with the Asia Europe People’s Forum (AEPF), the Land Issues Working Group organises a photo exhibition at the French Institute, Vientiane, under the title “Natural Development – Growing in Equity or Growing Inequity?”. The exhibition is free of charge and remains open until 7 November, 2012.

LIWG welcomes the mining moratorium on new projects introduced in Laos

Australia Network News, July 5, 2012

PHOTO: A Lao woman uproots rice seedlings in a paddy field. (Reuters)

The Lao government has announced a moratorium for 4 years on new mining investments and the granting of concessions for rubber plantations due to environmental and social concerns. It will allow land surveys and assessments to be made. Chairman of the NGO network, the Land Issues Working Group, Nishan Disanayake has told Radio Australia’s Connect Asia program it supports the government’s decision, but says it should also include projects that have been approved, but haven’t started. “The government’s state land concession inventory study showed that for one province 50 per cent of the projects improved had not yet been implemented, he said. “If that is an indication, I would strongly suggest that the government considers bring a halt to further clearing of land during this period inorder to prevent villages losing their land and forest.”

Laos halts new investment, land concessions

Myanmar Times, July 2 – 8, 2012

HANOI – Laos will not allow any new investments in mining or grant further land concessions for rubber plantations until 2015 at the earliest due to concerns about land encroachment, state media said on June 26. The government will examine existing investment policies and assess ongoing projects, the Vientiane Times said, adding that authorities would also review the environmental and social impact of major development projects. “We approved large plots of land without looking into the details, like what land belonged to the state and which belonged to local people,” the paper quoted Minister of Planning and Investment Somdy Duangdy as saying.

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