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Land demand in Vientiane decreases

Vientiane Times, 27 Sep 2014

Land buying and selling in Vientiane this year is less popular than before as the economy is slowing down and land prices are high. At this time of year many would-be sellers are talking to friends and others they meet telling them they have some land for sale but they usually get no buyer interest.

A parcel of land advertised for sale in Vientiane. A few years ago all you had to do was mention that you had some land for sale and potential buyers would line up immediately. You might also see bargain hunters travelling to villages to ask the local residents if they had land they wanted to sell.

Countryside ‘land rush’ attracts Vientiane buyers

Vientiane Times, 2 May 2014

Many people in Vientiane are eagerly buying up cheaper plots of land in the countryside surrounding the city in the hope of cashing in at a higher price in the future. Buying a block of land and waiting for it to increase has become a popular technique recently among those seeking a perceived safe return on their investment.


ລາວພັດທະນາ, 19 ມິຖຸນາ 2012

ອ່ານເນື້ອໃນຂ່າວໄດ້ທີ່ ລາວພັດທະນາ, 19.06.2012

New international land deals database reveals rush to buy up Africa


Almost 5% of Africa’s agricultural land has been bought or leased by investors since 2000, according to an international coalition of researchers and NGOs that has released the world’s largest public database of international land deals. The database, launched on Thursday, lifts the lid on a decade of secretive deals struck by governments, investors and speculators seeking large tracts of fertile land in developing countries around the world.

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