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Land guidelines aim to ensure fairness

Vientiane Times, 10 June, 2013

The Lao multi-ethnic people are able to be involved in the planning and decision-making process and provide their views in relation to development projects, and guidelines have now been distributed in this regard. The Lao Front for National Construction (LFNC) on Friday disseminated the ‘Guidelines on Consultation with Ethnic Groups Affected by Public and Private Development Projects’ booklet, which will be provided to officials across the country.

Government aims to address land related issues

Vientiane Times, 6 May, 2013
The government is committed to ensuring that the compensation provided to villagers affected by land development projects is done in such a way that villagers are satisfied with the outcomes. The move is aimed to address land disputes in Laos, which have been an ongoing issue as villagers sometimes feel that they don’t receive appropriate compensation for land lost to development projects.

Director General of the Land Administration Department within the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Mr Siphandone Sihavong, told Vientiane Times last week that if land compensation is paid in accordance with market prices, all the problems can be resolved. In fact, Prime Ministerial Decree No.192 stipulates that land compensation for any affected villagers needs to ensure that those people enjoy improved livelihoods after relocating to other areas.

Govt urged to review land compensation

Vientiane Times, August 18, 2012.

Many villagers in Laos now feel afraid of losing their land for development projects despite holding land titles, according to land experts who asked not to be named. Their concerns have arisen after development projects in past years have ended up encroaching on villagers’ land, forests and watershed areas. Unfortunately the compensation for affected families has not always been sufficient to improve their livelihoods, he said recently.

Govt needs to examine land compensation, experts say

Vientiane Times, July 17, 2012

Land compensation for villagers affected by some development projects in Laos has been found to be inappropriate and contrary to the law, according to the observation of land experts on Monday. A senior land expert Dr Palikone Thalongsengchanh told Vientiane Times yesterday that land disputes have arisen as officials did not follow the process of providing appropriate land compensation for villagers whose land is resumed. “Our law stipulates that land compensation for affected villagers who have to give up their land for development projects needs to be sufficient to improve their livelihoods,” he said. “But we have observed that many villagers get poorer after losing their land for development projects, due to inappropriate land compensation.”

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