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Come to collect compensation payments, former residents told

Vientiane Times, 27th April 2015

Vientiane authorities are still waiting to compensate many people who have not yet collected their compensation payments for the land they lost to the 450 Year Road, which was commenced back in 2008. An official of the Vientiane Natural Resources and Environment Department, who asked not to be named, told Vientiane Times on Friday that the compensation has been available for four or five years now.

Official: villagers given compensation in line with regulations

Vientiane Times, 29 August 2014

Villagers whose land was used to build a casino and airport in the northwestern province of Bokeo have been awarded full compensation in accordance with the government’s policy, senior government officials have confirmed. Deputy Director General of the Land Administration Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Mr Anothai Chanthalasy made the comment at a press conference held recently at the National Assembly after the issue was raised through the telephone hotline set up during the Assembly’s ordinary session.

Khammuan residents accuse project of unfair compensation

Vientiane Times, 6 August 2014

A resident of Khammuan province in central Laos has accused Phoukhiew Specific Economic Zone Project of providing unfair compensation to villagers who lost houses and land to make way for the project. However a senior government official has confirmed that the compensation was given in accordance with accepted principles.

The resident raised the issue through the hotline of the National Assembly (NA)’s ordinary session that ended recently, calling for the NA to inspect the issue. The resident stated that the private investment project has provided only residential lands but lands for cultivation activities were not provided as part of the compensation package.

Ministry confirms compensation for villagers affected by Luang Prabang airport

Vientiane Times, 28 July 2014

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has confirmed that all villagers affected by the Luang Prabang airport expansion project will receive compensation.

Deputy Director General of the Land Administration Department Mr Anothai Chanthalasy on behalf of the ministry responded to a question raised by affected families in Phakhom village in Luang Prabang province.

The villagers said they have proposed to relevant authorities to pay their compensation but the issue has yet to be addressed despite the airport project having already been completed.

Mekong road residents ask for compensation

Vientiane Times, 27 Jan 2013

Villagers are requesting compensation for a road widening project in Vientiane despite authorities having announced that no compensation will be paid for those already affected.

The concrete road will run from Chinaimo junction in Sisattanak district through Somhong and Kaengpayang villages along the Mekong to the junction of Thakhek village in Hadxaifong district.

It is currently under construction. Affected villagers say they are not against the project’s development but they wanted some compensation to minimise their losses because they have spent a lot of money to build their houses.

Collect compensation payments, displaced Vientiane residents urged

Vientiane Times, 17 Sept 2013

Officials at the Vientiane Natural Resources and Environment Department are still waiting for 20 former landowners to collect compensation owed them as part of a project to build the That Luang Marsh Specific Economic Zone in central Vientiane.

The landowners occupied more than 80 parcels of land, which they vacated to make way for the development.

“These people have the right to compensation and we are asking them to expedite claims for the money owed them,” a department official told Vientiane Times on Monday.

Compensation for land lost not yet claimed

Vientiane Times, 3 September 2013

Many people have not yet collected compensation payments for the land they lost to the 450 Year Road despite almost three years having passed.

There is no time limit but it may be in their best interests to hurry up and make their claim at the Vientiane Natural Resources and Environment Department.

Out of the 600 parcels of land formerly owned by residents in Xaysettha, Hadxaifong and Xaythany districts that were acquired by the government to build the road at the end of 2010, compensation has been paid out on only 387 plots, a department official said.

Land compensation tops parliament debate

Vientiane Times, 26 July, 2013

Compensation for lands taken for development projects topped debate in parliament yesterday with law-makers stating that affected people should receive reasonable compensation in order to address the emerging land dispute issue. Members of the National Assembly (NA) are debating to develop the draft National Land Policy at the assembly’s fifth ordinary session of the NA’s Seventh Legislature.

NA calls for govt to explain, address revenue loss

Vientiane Times, 19 July, 2013

National Assembly members have asked the government to explain irregularities in revenue collection and the reasons behind them when reporting on the state’s annual financial status. NA members made the suggestion when debating the government’s national socio-economic development plan at the ongoing ordinary NA session.

Draft land policy offers market-price compensation

Vientiane Times, 10 June, 2013

A newly-drafted land policy offers compensation based on current market prices to those who lose their land to commercial projects, National Assembly (NA) members have learned. This is the first ever policy to clearly state that the occupiers of land which is appropriated for investment projects must be given financial compensation that is equivalent to the market price.

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