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Villagers and eucalypt concession cooperation benefits community

Vientiane Times, July 27, 2015.

The promotion of industrial trees is a key priority of the government for long term socio-economic development. Thousands of hectares of land were approved by the government for concessions to Lao and foreign companies for industrial tree plantations such as rubber, eucalyptus and teak.

Many miners found to be in violation of agreements

Vientiane Times, March 12, 2015

More than 50 mining operators have breached agreements they made with the Lao government, it has emerged as officials in charge take action to inspect mine project operations across the country, according to a report. The violations included many mining projects failing to comply with environmental guidelines, while some did not pay obligation fees to the government and local communities, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Dr Bounthavy Sisouphanthong told Vientiane Times yesterday.

Up to ten mine projects could have concessions revoked

Vientiane Times, 8 Oct 2014

Some ten mine projects are likely to have their concessions revoked after investors granted the concessions failed to abide by the agreements they reached with the government, according to an official report. The report was presented at the annual meeting of the government held recently in Vientiane when the cabinet met with the Vientiane Mayor and the provincial governors.
Director General of the Investment Promotion Department under the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Mr Achong Laomao told theVientiane Times the investors failed to take action to implement the projects within an appropriate time after getting approval from the government. Some investors also failed to pay related obligation fees and taxes to the government, he added.
The recent government meeting resolved that those companies which did not meet sufficient conditions or failed to abide by the agreements they made with the government must have their concessions revoked.

Eucalyptus planting starts before approval granted

Vientiane Times, 2 Oct 2014

Boualapha Agriculture and Forestry Company has already planted some areas of eucalyptus in Hinheup district, Vientiane province prior to being given official approval. The company sent the application documents to Hinheup district and the deputy district governor endorsed the scheme requesting the officials give the request sympathetic consideration. But approval has not yet been granted. A provincial official of the National Resources and Environment Department Mr Ounheuan Keophomma told Vientiane Times on Wednesday that the company was planning to plant over 4,000 hectares with local people involved. The provincial officials are now studying the areas where the company has already planted eucalyptus and the other places where they also wish to plant.

Forest cover goal possible if managed properly

Vientiane Times, 22 July 2014

The goal of increasing forest cover to 70 percent of the country by 2020 will be possible if action is taken to manage and protect forests. Director General of the Department of Forestry under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr Thongphath Vongmany, said last week that if proper action was taken to manage the forests and the damaged forests were recovered, then Laos would be able to surpass their target of 70 percent.

Govt may lift ban on mining, land concessions ahead of schedule

Vientiane Times, 10 June 2014

The government may revoke a suspension and resume the approval of new investment proposals in mining or land concessions for rubber and eucalyptus plantations as part of efforts to boost growth over the next two years, although in a more limited capacity than before the ban.

The government has realised it may not be able to maintain a blanket ban on all approvals and will instead proceed more cautiously by carrying out proper strategic forecasts, an official from the Ministry of Planning and Investment has said.

Govt needs to examine land compensation, experts say

Vientiane Times, July 17, 2012

Land compensation for villagers affected by some development projects in Laos has been found to be inappropriate and contrary to the law, according to the observation of land experts on Monday. A senior land expert Dr Palikone Thalongsengchanh told Vientiane Times yesterday that land disputes have arisen as officials did not follow the process of providing appropriate land compensation for villagers whose land is resumed. “Our law stipulates that land compensation for affected villagers who have to give up their land for development projects needs to be sufficient to improve their livelihoods,” he said. “But we have observed that many villagers get poorer after losing their land for development projects, due to inappropriate land compensation.”

Japanese tree plantation company branches out

Vientiane Times, January 30, 2012

A Japanese investor, Oji Lao Plantation Forest Company, signed an agreement in Vientiane on Friday to expand its concession of state-owned land on which to plant industrial trees in Borikhamxay and Khammuan provinces. The agreement, signed with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, extends the land concession from 22,434 to 50,000 hectares.

Government grants 4,700 hectares for rubber plantations

Another rubber concession has been approved despite concerns over the environmental impacts caused by industrial tree plantations. Photo from Sekong province; clearing land for a rubber concession.

Vientiane Times, January 3, 2012

The government has allocated another sizeable area of land for a Vietnamese firm to grow rubber trees despite concerns over the environmental impacts caused by industrial tree plantations. Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dr Akhom Tounalom on Friday signed a 40-year land concession for the Lao-Viet joint venture to grow rubber trees on 131 plots of land totaling 4,739 hectares. Senior officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment were present at the agreement signing in Vientiane.

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