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Attapeu folk continue to unearth alabaster despite ban

Vientiane Times, 23 Oct 2014

The high sale price of alabaster has brought local people flocking to Phoukanghong Mountain in Attapeu province, where they have been digging up blocks of the mineral to sell, despite a government ban on its removal. Locals told Vientiane Times yesterday that villagers were continuing to remove the rocks illegally and with great enthusiasm, as if celebrating a festival.

PM orders a halt to alabaster projects in Attapeu

Vientiane Times, 8 Sept 2014

Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong has issued an order to halt the feasibility studies for alabaster on Phoukanghong Mountain in Attapeu province, an official in charge of the project confirmed on Friday. The PM’s order comes after the provincial authorities signed memorandums of understanding (MOU) with 48 companies to conduct project surveys on the stone resource before the excavation process can take place.

More companies join rush for alabaster in Attapeu

Vientiane Times, 5 September 2014

Attapeu Provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment estimates that there is about 250,000 tonnes of alabaster which can be easily quarried on Phoukanghong Mountain, about 60km from the provincial capital. Officials from the department estimate that there is alabaster readily available on the surface of the land on an area of 1020 hectares on the mountain. However there may be more alabaster available on Phoukanghong Mountain, which is some 7,800 hectares in size. The question is how far beneath the surface it is and whether it is viable to extract.

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