Working towards greater community control over land, forests and natural resources


Welcome to the LIWG Newsletter. Our Newsletter captures the activities that organizes by LIWG Secretariat and different task forces that coordinated by LIWG, and LIWG’s members/Initiative.

By LIWG Secretariat

1. LIWG Newsletter, issue 1. Quarterly Vol. May-September, 2017/ ຈົດໝາຍຂ່າວ ສະບັບທີ 1,  ເດືອນ ພຶດສະພາ – ກັນຍາ 2017 

Read this first issue of LIWG Newsletter in Lao (ພາສາລາວ) and English .

2. LIWG Newsletter, issue 2. Quarterly Vol. October – December, 2017/ຈົດໝາຍຂ່າວ ສະບັບທີ2, ເດືອນ ຕຸລາ – ທັນວາ 2017 

Read second issue of LIWG Newsletter in Lao (ພາສາລາວ) and English

3. LIWG Newsletter, issue 3. Quarterly Vol. January – March, 2018/ຈົດໝາຍຂ່າວ ສະບັບທີ 3,  ເດືອນ ມັງກອນ-ມີນາ 2018 

Read third issue of LIWG Newsletter in Lao (ພາສາລາວ) and English

4. LIWG Newsletter, issue 4. Quarterly Vol. April – June 2018/ຈົດໝາຍຂ່າວ ສະບັບທີ 3, ເດືອນ ເມສາ – ມິຖຸນາ 2018

ອ່ານຈົດໝາຍຂ່າວ ກຸ່ມແລກປ່ຽນຂໍ້ມູນເລື່ອງທີ່ດິນສະບັບທີ 4: ສະບັບພາສາລາວ(Lao)/Read this issue 4 of LIWG Newsletter in English

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