Working towards greater community control over land, forests and natural resources

Recommended reading

A list in chronological order of recommended reading in the land sector in Laos.


1) Aiding or Abetting? Internal Resettlement and International Aid Agencies in the Lao PDR

By: Ian G. Baird; Bruce Shoemaker

Organisation: Probe International (2005)


2) Study on land conflicts and conflict Resolution in Lao PDR: Land policy study No. 9 Under LLTP II

By: Nouphanh Mahaphonh; Pheuiphanh Nyaorivathana; Meena Phimphachanh; Sysaweui chittasupha; Serntai Pasay; Peter Jones

Organisation: GTZ (2007)


3) Environmental and Social Impacts of VLRC Rubber Plantation, Bachieng

By: François Obein

Organisation: Earth Systems Lao; Agence Française de Développement (2007)


4) Power, Progress and Impoverishment: Plantations, Hydropower, Ecological Change and Rural Transformation in Hinboun District, Lao PDR

By: Keith Barney

Organisation: York University  (2008)


5) Rural Land Management and Land Administration (Policy Brief No. 2)

Also available in Lao

Organisation: Sub-Working Group on Upland development, MAF  (2008)


6) Land and Forest Allocation in Lao PDR : Comparison of Case Studies from Community-Based NRM Research, Society & Natural Resources

By: Yayoi Fujita; Khamla Phanvilay (2008)


7) Study on Women’s Land and Property Rights under Customary or Traditional Tenure Systems in Five Ethnic Groups in Lao PDR

By: Elizabeth Mann; Ny Luangkhot

Organisation: GTZ/Lao-German Land Policy Development Project  (2008)


8) Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Land in Lao PDR

By: Oliver Schoenweger; Alfons Ullenberg

Organisation: GTZ  (2009)


9) Research evaluation of economic, social, and ecological implications of the programme for commercial tree plantations: case study of rubber in the south of Laos PDR

Organisation: TERRA; NLMA; Khon Kaen University  (2009)


10)  Manual on Participatory Agriculture and Forest Land Use Planning at Village and Village Cluster Level

By: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF); National Land Management Authority (NLMA)  (2010)


11) Land Concessions, Land Tenure, and Livelihood Change: Plantation Development in Attapeu Province, Southern Laos

By: Miles Kenney-Lazar

Organisation: Fulbright Program – Faculty of Forestry, National University of Laos (2010)


12) Investment and Access to Land and National Resource: Challenges in Promoting Sustainable Development – A think piece

Organisation: World Bank Team  (2010)


13) The socio-geography of mining and hydro in Lao PDR 

By: Nina Fenton; Magnus Lindelow

Organisation: World Bank  (2010)


14) Crossroads: The Illicit Timber Trade Between Laos and Vietnam

Also available in Lao

Organisation: Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) (2011)


15) Concessions and Leases in the Lao PDR: Taking Stock of Land Investment

By: Schoenweger; Heinimann; Epprecht; Lu; Thalongsengchanh

Organisation: MoNRE, CDE, SDC (2012)


16) Facilitator guide: Free Prior Inform Consent (FPIC) for REED+ (2014)

Organization: RECOFTC
Find this in Lao


17) Revealing the hidden effects of land grabbing through better understanding of farmers’ strategies in dealing with land loss

By: Diana Suhardiman, Mark Giordanob, Oulavanh Keovilignavonga, Touleelor Sotoukee

Organization: IWMI (2015)


18) Rush for cash crops and forest protection: Neither land sparing nor land sharing

By: Thoumthone Vongvisouka, Rikke Brandt Broegaardb, Ole Mertzb, Sithong Thongmanivong

Organization: FoF – NOUL (2016)


19) Land and Forest Tenure in Laos: Baseline Overview 2016 with Options for Community Participation in Forest Management. Read in English.

By Michael Dwyer

Organization: UN-REDD Program (2016)


20) Responsible Large-Scale Agricultural Investments in the Mekong Region:  An Online Dialogue Summary Report.   Read in English.

By Jean-Christophe Diepart

Organization: Mekong Regional Land Governance (2017)

Original source can be found here.


21) Peoples’ Stories and Natural Resources Around Us  (2015).

Read the story in Lao and English.

Organization: Mekong Watch

Find the story from original source : Lao and English.


22) The Recognition of Customary Tenure in Lao PDR (October, 2017)

Written by Jeremy Ironside, Reviewed by Natalia Scurrah (MRLG) and Chansouk Insouvanh (Consultant)

Organization : Mekong Regional Land Governance (MRLG)

Find this in English.


23) The presentation of the Responsible Large-Scale Agricultural Investment in the Mekong: A regional workshop  organized by MRLG from 15-17 November, 2017 in Vientiane, Laos


24) State Spaces of Resistance: Industrial Tree Plantations and the Struggle for Land in Laos (2018)

Read the paper in English

Authors: Miles Kenney – Lazar, Diana Suhardiman and Michael B. Dwyer


25) See the section Publications for pieces of research commissioned and published by the LIWG.



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