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Laws and regulations


Law on Mining (1997)

Law on Agriculture (1998)

Law on Land (2003 – under revision)

Law on the Promotion of Domestic Investment (2004)

Law on the Promotion of Foreign Investment (2004)

Investment Promotion Law (amended 2016)  in Lao and English

Anti Corruption Law (2005)

Forestry Law (2007 – under revision)

Environmental Protection Law 2012

Decrees and Ministerial Instructions

Order 13/PM (2012) on Halting Investment Projects Related to Mining, Rubber, Eucalyptus in Lao

Decree 88/PM (2008) on Implementation of the Land Law in English

Decree 112/PM (2010) on Environmental Impact Assessment in English / in Lao

Decree 135/PM (2009) on State Land Lease or Concession in English

Decree 192/PM (2005) on Compensation and Resettlement of People Affected by Development Projects in English / in Lao

Decree 84/PM (2016) on Compensation and Resettlement of People Affected by Development Projects in English / in Lao – ດຳລັດເລກທີ 84 ວ່າດ້ວຍການທົດແທນຄ່າເສຍຫາຍ ແທນ 192

Regulations for Implementing Decree 192/PM (2005) on Compensation in English / in Lao

Ministerial Instruction 8029/MONRE (2013) on The Process of Initial Environmental Examination of the Investment Projects and Activities in English

Ministerial Instruction 8030/MONRE (2013) on Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Process of the Investment Projects and Activities in English

Prime Minister order 15 PM/2016 to stop export logging in Lao ຄໍາສັ່ງເລກທີ 15/ນຍ 2016

Decree on Associations, No. 238/Gov on 11 August, 2017 in Lao and Unofficial English translation

Ministerial Instruction on the implementation of the Decree on Association, No. 05/MOHA on 11 October, 2017 in Lao


Other  policy documents

Resolution of the National Land Meeting 06/PMO (2007)

Instruction as Regards the Implementation of Decree on State-owned Land Approval for Lease or Concession (No. 20/PMO.NLMA, 2010)

Discussion Paper on the Legal Framework of State Land Leases and Concessions in the Lao PDR (2012)

7th National Socio-Economic Development Plan (2011-2015)

Party Resolution 

Party Resolution of the Party’s central Committee on the Enhancement of Land Management and Development in New period (2017) in unofficial English Translation / in Lao

All national laws are available in English and Lao on the National Assembly website and Lao Official Gazette website 





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