Working towards greater community control over land, forests and natural resources

Laws and regulations


Law on Mining (1997)

Law on Agriculture (1998)

Law on Land (2003 – under revision)

Law on the Promotion of Domestic Investment (2004)

Law on the Promotion of Foreign Investment (2004)

Anti Corruption Law (2005)

Forestry Law (2007 – under revision)

Environmental Protection Law 2012

Decrees and Ministerial Instructions

Order 13/PM (2012) on Halting Investment Projects Related to Mining, Rubber, Eucalyptus in Lao

Decree 88/PM (2008) on Implementation of the Land Law in English

Decree 112/PM (2010) on Environmental Impact Assessment in English / in Lao

Decree 135/PM (2009) on State Land Lease or Concession in English

Decree 192/PM (2005) on Compensation and Resettlement of People Affected by Development Projects in English / in Lao

Decree 84/PM (2016) on Compensation and Resettlement of People Affected by Development Projects in English / in Lao – ດຳລັດເລກທີ 84 ວ່າດ້ວຍການທົດແທນຄ່າເສຍຫາຍ ແທນ 192

Regulations for Implementing Decree 192/PM (2005) on Compensation in English / in Lao

Ministerial Instruction 8029/MONRE (2013) on The Process of Initial Environmental Examination of the Investment Projects and Activities in English

Ministerial Instruction 8030/MONRE (2013) on Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Process of the Investment Projects and Activities in English

Prime Minister order 15pm/2016 to stop export logging in Lao ຄໍາສັ່ງເລກທີ 15/ນຍ 2016

Other  policy documents

Resolution of the National Land Meeting 06/PMO (2007)

Instruction as Regards the Implementation of Decree on State-owned Land Approval for Lease or Concession (No. 20/PMO.NLMA, 2010)

Discussion Paper on the Legal Framework of State Land Leases and Concessions in the Lao PDR (2012)

7th National Socio-Economic Development Plan (2011-2015)

All national laws are available in English and Lao on the National Assembly website.





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