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Working towards greater community control over land, forests and natural resources

What we do

The LIWG aims to promote civil society involvement in land management decision-making, and supports rural communities towards greater management and control over their natural resources. This is to be achieved through cooperation with the communities themselves, civil society, Government of Lao PDR, development partners and other stakeholders. The following four objectives guide our activities.

Objective 1: Awareness raising, training and capacity building

The goal is to support the civil society, development partners and private sector so that they are better able and willing to enhance gender equitable community ownership and control over land and natural resources. Raising awareness on land issues among target groups is to be done in a more systematic manner. By strengthening civil society capacity it can have amplified voice and more space to engage with the Government and private sector to work towards national development goals and as full partners support peace and stability in the country.

Objective 2: Networking and promoting dialogue

We promote collaboration and engagement of different stakeholders, both national and international, in order to enhance dialogue and sharing of information. An important element is to bridge the Lao-English culture and language divide that undermines communication between different key stakeholders. Strengthened networking and cooperation among national stakeholders, and wider space and platforms available to exchange information, help to mainstream land issues and incorporate them into development strategies. The aim is to increase synergy and decrease overlapping of target groups’ activities.

Objective 3: Supporting development and revision of  national policies and legislation

Government policies and legislation concerning land and natural resources are to protect the interests of people of Laos and enhance gender equitable local communities’ control over land and natural resources. The Government of Lao PDR is responding to the need for equitable land management through policy improvement. However, policy change at the central level does not necessarily result in a positive change at the local level and challenges remain in implementation. Therefore the LIWG aims to promote the awareness and capacity of the staff of relevant governmental agencies to develop and implement legislation that protects the rights and well-being of communities.

Objective 4: Research and documentation

Increased wealth of in-depth information on specific cross-cutting issues is to be available in English and Lao languages to support decision-making processes. High quality research studies and analyses support understanding of local level processes and increases flow of information from the local level to the central level. Past studies commissioned and published by the LIWG can be found in the Publications section.

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