Working towards greater community control over land, forests and natural resources

What we do

The Land Information Working Group (LIWG) is to provide a networking and information hub by acting as a bridging organisation and community of practice to create synergies across land tenure security-related activities of its members. The LIWG aims to focus on promoting and maintaining a strong network and Community of Practice  on land matters among LIWG members in order to influence decision making, policy development and implementation via three following pillars (objectives):

Pillar 1: Connecting

Build connections and trust for dialogue and engagement in land governance issues

Act as a community of practice and bridging organisation to connect network members, partners and key stakeholders, in order to build connections and trust, develop spaces and channels of communication, share knowledge for dialogue and engagement in land governance issues.

Pillar 2: Mobilizing

Mainstream grassroots implementation of land rights

Encourage members to engage in activities that promote land governance at national through to local level, putting legislation and policies into practice, learning by doing, engaging directly with communities.

Pillar 3: Engaging

Promote policy dialogue among multiple stakeholders to improve land tenure security.

Facilitate policy engagement processes between stakeholders, feed lessons learned from research and practice back into policy influencing and networking, and strengthen capacity of LIWG members to engage and participate in policy making processes particularly in linking policy to practice. The case study and research commissioned and published can be found in the publication session.





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