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Land Information Learning Center “A learning and sharing information on land platform”

By LIWG Secretariat, 14th May,  2018 

“Information is essential to make well informed decisions about use of land, management of land, land allocation, land tenure and the implementation of government policies and laws related to land,” Ms. Celestine Kroesschell, Chair of Land Information Working Group (LIWG) said during her speech.

Ms. Ms. Celestine, the chair of LIWG gives speech at on LILC launching's day

Ms. Ms. Celestine, the chair of LIWG gives speech at the LILC launching’s day

On 4th May 2018, the Land Information Learning Center (LILC) is official launched  and opened to the public.

The LILC is an initiative collaboratively between Village Focus International (VFI) and Land Information Working Group (LIWG). It aims to support organizations to work together on land and relevant topics and provide a plaform for learning and exchange through workshops and training. and also to facilitate access to information through a digital library, website and documentation centre.

The open ceremony took place at VFI, a house for LILC and it was attended by officials, International none-government organization (INGOs), Lao Non-Profit Associations (NPAs), university and press media.

The launching event included presentation about previous activities that the center’s been accomplished as well as the plan to work in the future; Access to LILC information resource and the linkage to a regional platform “Open Development Mekong” where hosts thousand documents about land, natural resource and development in the Mekong region. To emphasis the importance of open data, during the access to information resource session, a Data Manger explained the importance of  Open data that  “Open Data is for  everyone to use, means that everyone has right to access to information related to their livings”.

The library at the LILC where people can go and search for land information. Photo by: LILC

The library at the LILC where people can go and search for land information.
Photo by: LILC

Besides, one partner was invited to share their experiences working with LILC for organizing learning session at the LILC and also suggestion for improvement the work of LILC.

During the discussion, participants from different partners made comments and suggestions for the LILC to ensure it suits best interest of stakeholders, especially to access to local farmers in the provinces.

“I hope to see when people come to this center, they feel safe, comfortable, they gain knowledge and enjoy”, one participant from NPAs expressed for the expectation for this center to be.

The expectation from participants for LILC

The expectation from participants for LILC

Land information is very important for people to be accessed, especially local farmers as it will make greater informed them for the land issues and and how they can react to those issues.

In the conclusion of Ms. Celestine’s speech, she quoted from party resolution on Enhancement of Land Management and Development in the New Period that …..”if looking from the perspective of socio-economic development, land in a precious resource, a major vehicle and factor for productivity, a potential and huge source capital for socio-economic development, that need to be managed, exploited and used to bring the highest benefits to the state and people”

Participants of the event expressed their hopes that this LILC can contribute to giving such benefits to the state and the people in Laos.




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