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Found 25 mining exploration and survey projects being approved after the order No 13

 Socio-Economic Newspaper,  December 18, 2014

The inspection authority found that 25 mining exploration and survey projects, which cost about 6 billion kips are approved after the government order No 13/PM. The approvals for those projects have been affecting the environment and state properties while the relevant ministry confirmed all project approvals are carried out in compliance with the law. In the national assembly meeting on last 12 December, Ms. Viengthong  Syphandone, the chief of government inspection authority reported the result of inspections:  a summary of the implementation of the government budget plan for fiscal year 2012-2013 and the implementation of national assembly session: It is seen that ministry of planning and investment is still continuing approval for 25 mining exploration and survey projects, which cost 6.741,77 billion kips   after the order 13/PM, 11 June 2012.

This action is seen to be contradictory to the regulations and the order affecting environmental management and state properties. However, on 15 December, Dr. Kikeo Chanthabuly, minister of planning and investment explained and confirmed in front parliamentarians that all projects that the inspection authority mentioned are approved in accordance to the law. In 25 projects, there are 13 projects approved before the order No 13/MP. Other 5 projects are continued mining projects. There are 4 projects that the government considered as special projects. 2 more projects are not included in the order No. 13/PM as they are coal survey project and building a processing copper plant. Another project is approved before the order.

25 problematic companies include Tianchin Hua Kan (Lao) LTD, Kouangchoung investment, Nong Suen Mining, SJK Lao, Industrial mining, Serng Sang Oudomxai mining, Yuan chin mining development, Xayyasouk mining, Terxan Lao mining, Lao lee Tou mining, Sangchan mining, Yunnan mining Chong xion Lao mining, United mining and Mineral Lao, coal mine development, Vilasan mining, Stone hill mining, Sinona mining development, Lao-Vietnam cooperation mining, Santipab kiew mining, TSBP Sekong hydropower and mining, Mineral COECCO, Vingfad mining, Kavigo Lao, K.K.Lao Mining and mineral and metal melting Vientiane Limited.

The order No 13/PM ceasing consideration and approval for new investment of mining exploration and survey, rubber plantation and eucalyptus in the whole country is been implemented since 11 June 2012 and will be enforced until there will be a change or until 31 December 2015. This is to ensure sustainable development and effective natural resources use, and to protect the environment based on each period of socio-economic plan of the party and the government.

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